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Testimonial from S.H. of Bonnells Bay, NSW - "I was seeking an online course in nutrition that interested me and was looking for a college that inspired trust and comfort in the educators and college itself. I spoke to several colleges before choosing Switch On Health and felt daunted when they said that they require a 100% pass mark. However, Martin was informative…

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Chris Simpson

My passion to study Homeopathy began about thirty years ago when this Amazing modality resolved a family member’s health situation. Up until then, it was almost three years of challenging and inconclusive “medical appointments” both allopathic and Natural Therapies, within a few months there were major changes and then ultimately resolved. I knew in my heart – one day I…

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As a mother of 4 at the time of commencing my studies, there were a few key factors that were important for me- firstly, I needed an institute that provided flexibility and secondly, I wanted an institute that provided a high level of quality education that was reasonably priced. I found Switch on Health and after a chat with Martin,…

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Sharon Jamieson

"Switch on Health was the #1 best move I made..." I first contacted Switch on Health just at the time when I had made my decision to stop studying with my local college because the on-campus timetable no longer fitted in with my current study needs. I was torn because I so wanted to continue my study in the fields…

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Monet Zebian

"Switch on Health seems to have the winning formula!" First off, if you're thinking about signing up and are reluctant to for any reason, know that the staff at Switch on Health are professional, prompt and genuinely supportive in making things happen for you. Having studied online before, I have been exposed to the pros and cons of this mode…

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Sam Wolfe

Thank you Switch on Health on for making homeopathy accessible and affordable to people like me. I’ve had a keen interest in homeopathy since my first visit to a homeopath when I was in my early 20s and working as an automotive spray painter (my trade qualification). It was like nothing I’d experienced before and I was totally in awe…

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