Academic Standards

Academic Standards

Written by health professionals, for health professionals.​ Our courses have been designed to meet the following objectives.

  1. To be recognised and accredited within the industry.

  2. To produce competent and confident practitioners. 

  3. To provide the flexibility and opportunity to be able to study from anywhere.  

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Accreditation and recognition

Our courses are designed to meet industry standards for natural therapies. As a part of our curriculum design process, we referred to the published criteria for education from a number of professional associations.  This has enabled us to become accredited by ATMS, who are the largest association for natural therapies in Australia.

Competent and confident practitioners

The Minimum Education Standards set by ATMS are available for viewing on their website.  Switch on Health’s curriculum not only meets these standards, but surpasses them.  Our curriculum design process included consultation with both practitioners and educators.  The key question we asked our stakeholders, again and again, was, “What would you want to see in this course?” As a result, our courses contain content that we, and others, believe will turn you into a great practitioner.

Flexibility and opportunity

Our online facilitation and support offer you the opportunity to gain an Australian qualification from anywhere in the world.  We use a range of communication technology tools in our tuition, support, and assessment processes.  Gaining an industry recognised qualification as a Naturopath/Nutritionist/Herbalist/Homeopath is no longer limited to those attending on-campus classes, or incurring the cost of a full Bachelor degree.