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Healing after laparoscopy

What is laparoscopy? Why do I need a laparoscopy? The word ‘laparoscopy’ derives from the Greek word lapara (meaning ‘flank’ or ‘loin’) and skopein (meaning ‘to see, view, or examine’).…

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Natural remedies for sexually transmitted infections

Honey… I have something to tell you… Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are infections passed from one person to another person through sexual contact. An infection is when a bacteria, virus…

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How your mind affects your immune system – and what to do about it.

Many of us are now struggling with the constantly changing parameters of the dos and don’ts of our daily lives as advised by the government and enforced by the police.…

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Autumnal anecdotes and antidotes

The concept of ‘Food as Medicine is the belief that eating wholesome food is the basis for good health. Consuming nutritious foods can decrease your risk of disease, while the…

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Six Types Of Ginsengs

Bit of a cheeky and catchy title there, but now that I’ve got your attention, I know you’re thinking, “six ginsengs?!” But trust me, there are. (I could even include…

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The Surprising Origins Of Herbal Medicine

Where does Herbal Medicine come from? Herbal Medicine has been used for centuries in every culture around the world. Most of our modern Western Herbal Medicine has its origins in…

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Should Vaccination Be Mandatory?

Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison announced today that he planned to make vaccination for Covid-19 compulsory within the next 9 months, according to ABC News. His words were, “…as mandatory…

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