Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be fully qualified to practice when I finish the Advanced Diploma course? 


Yes. Upon completion of our Advanced Diploma course, Clinic hours, and First Aid Certificate, you will be fully qualified to practice as a Naturopath/Nutritionist/Herbalist/Homoeopath. You will be able to obtain professional indemnity insurance, open accounts with suppliers, prescribe supplements etc, request blood tests, etc. Our goal is to turn you into a highly trained and confident health professional. 



How much time do I need to study each week?  


You can study at your own pace, however to complete your Advanced Diploma qualification within three years, we recommend an average of 9 hours per week for Nutrition/Western Herbal Medicine/Homoeopathy, and 15 hours per week for Naturopathy.



What is the maximum amount of time allowed for enrolment?


  • Up to 6 months for enrolment into a single subject
  • Up to 12 months for enrolment into a Year
  • Up to 18 months for enrolment into a Year on an 18 month payment plan
  • Up to 10 years to complete the entire qualification    


Can I get an extension or defer my studies if needed?  


We are big on support, flexibility, and communication. We would love to see you achieve your dream just as much as you. Keep us in the loop and if ‘life’ happens, we can discuss your options for an extension as required.



Do you have exams?


There are no exams. Most of your assessments are open book and can be completed in your own time. Any practical assessments are submitted via video recording or conducted via Skype/Zoom etc.



How does it all work? Do you have set intake dates? Do you have live streaming lectures? Do I have to be online at a certain time or come to classes?


Start when you want, study when you want, and graduate when you want! Our course content is all delivered online, consisting of readings, videos, and other activities. Our delivery model provides ultimate flexibility so that you can fit study in around your other commitments. Whatever speed you wish to progress at, we are right here to support you every step of the way. Simply log in and learn.



Are textbooks included?


Some subjects require textbooks and these are not included in your course fees. You can choose whether to purchase hard copy or eBook, new or secondhand, etc. One subject requires the use of equipment such as a stethoscope and blood pressure unit. These can be hired from the college upon




Can I get recognition of prior learning?


Absolutely! Please get in touch with details of your previous studies and we can advise further.



Is there a practical component?


To meet industry standards, you must complete ‘200 ‘Clinic hours’ for Nutrition/Western Herbal Medicine/Homoeopathy, or 400 hours for Naturopathy. These can be completed with one or more practitioners in your local area. Due to the norming of telehealth, up to 50% of your Clinic hours can now be completed online, so you can also complete hours with practitioners in other States.



When do I do the Clinic hours?


We recommend that you commence Clinic hours in your third year. This will mean that you have sufficient knowledge to make your Clinic experience valuable, and you will be able to work more effectively with your supervisor as you begin to put theory into practice.



How does the college help me complete the Clinic hours?  


Switch on Health have a dedicated Clinic Coordinator who maintains our network of practitioners around the country to facilitate your completion of Clinic. We cannot guarantee availability in your location, however will assist you with this as best as we can.



Can I get any government funding to pay for my course?


There is no longer any government funding or subsidies available for Advanced Diploma qualifications in these fields, which is one reason why so many colleges closed down.  We are keeping these courses alive, and offer a range of flexible payment options.  



What are the entry requirements?


You must be reasonably computer literate (e.g. able to navigate our online learning system, download, save, and upload your assessments, use an app such as Zoom, etc). You must also have reasonably literacy and numeracy skills.  Most of our assessments are ‘short answer question’ assessments.  Anyone who has completed Year 12 should be able to study these courses, but what is more important than your level of schooling is your attitude.  You must be willing to learn!  



Do I have to enrol in the whole course?  


You have the choice of enrolling in either a whole course year (i.e. Year One of your chosen Advanced Diploma modality) or just one subject at a time.  You are welcome to call us for an obligation-free chat, we’re here to help guide you. Our staff do not receive a sales commission.  If you’re still not sure, perhaps start with a single subject and see how you go.  



Can I go on and do further study elsewhere (e.g. articulate into Bachelor or Masters programs)?  


Yes, depending on the specific requirements of the particular University or higher education provider you wish to study with. We are strong proponents of continuing education and encourage all our graduates to go on to further study.