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Why choose these companies?

The companies shown below have a long and proud history of supporting complementary medicine health professionals.  When you choose their products and services, not only are you helping to strengthen our industry, you are also choosing to use trusted brands with a proven track record of quality.  Access to their products and services is only available to health professionals that have undertaken suitable training.

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Company Profile

InterClinical Laboratories provides a range of advanced and original nutraceutical products. ICL Health provides a range of speciality supplements for supporting everyday good health and preventing disease. Trace Nutrients is a unique line of practitioner-recommended vitamin and mineral supplements at the forefront of nutritional medicine preparations. These formulations offer a more precise and patient-specific approach to nutritional therapy.

(02) 9693 2888

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Company Profile

At Australian Clinical Labs, we combine pathology leadership, ground-breaking technology and the best scientists in the field to bring better outcomes for doctors and patients alike. We are the largest private pathology provider of public hospitals in Australia and one of the top choices amongst private practices across the country.
1300 134 111

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Company Profile 

BioCeuticals is Australia’s leading provider of nutritional and therapeutic supplements. Renowned for manufacturing and delivering high quality integrative medicines to healthcare practitioners, BioCeuticals aims to consistently raise the standards of natural-based therapies.

1300 650 455


Company Profile

The Bio Concepts story began in 1984, when the company was founded by nutritional biochemist Henry Osiecki. A passion for natural medicine, paired with a firm belief in its ability to transform the lives of those whose quality of life is decimated by increasingly complex conditions, was the spark that created Bio Concepts and helped us evolve into who we are today.

07 3868 0699



Company Profile

Bio-Practica Practitioner Essentials – delivers a fundamental range of nutrients and herbs, essential for every practice, supporting health and wellbeing.  This range assists with maintaining, balancing and optimising general function, by supporting cleansing, repairing, detoxifying, antioxidising and supporting immune health, and energy production.

1300 551 077

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Company Profile

Health World Limited and Metagenics have invested in cutting edge manufacturing technology and equipment in order to expand production of the highest quality Natural Medicines. This level of commitment ensures that Health World Limited produces products that you and your patient can trust for quality and effectiveness.

1800 777 648



Company Profile

We’re Australia’s pioneering natural healthcare company developing solutions for good health

And we’ve built our leading reputation on the quality of our precision formulations and our focus on helping Australians achieve better health. Our passion for developing natural therapies continues to be driven by the positive impact these remedies can have on your life, something we’ve witnessed for over 50 years.

1300 654 336

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Company Profile

RN Labs is a privately owned company based in Brisbane, which distributes premium brands from around the world and formulates the highest quality nutritional solutions for Australian healthcare practitioners. RN Labs also globally sources leading functional testing services.



1800 110 158




Company Profile

NutriPATH is a privately owned medical laboratory that specialises in the area of functional health and wellbeing pathology testing. NutriPATH today, is one of the largest functional testing laboratories servicing as a multinational company for integrative medicine practitioners throughout Australasia.




1300 688 522

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Company Profile

MD Nutritionals was founded with the aim of providing an innovative range of nutritional products. You will discover that our highest quality nutritional range is based on the latest scientific evidence to improve the wellbeing of your patient.

07 5529 0999


Company Profile

“MediHerb was borne out of my desire for efficacious herbal therapy. This continues to underpin every aspect of our company from raw material sourcing, manufacturing, quality assurance and research through to our world-class education programs.” Professor Kerry Bone – MediHerb Co-Founder and Director

1300 654 336

Company Profile

Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1978 by Professor Ian Brighthope with the passion and commitment to improve people’s wellbeing with premium grade nutritional supplements. Today, we are one of the leading health care brands in Australia, enjoying reputation among local healthcare practitioners and positive growth in international markets. Professor Brighthope’s years of clinical experience contribute to our exceptional products, with fast and measurable results.

1800 034 445 

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Company Profile

Since our inception, our focus has been solely on ensuring the viability of practitioners in clinical practice, through both our stringent practitioner only sales policy and BioMedica business model, along with formulating clinically tested and efficacious prescription only products.

1300 884 702