Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathic Practice

Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathic Practice

If you want to offer your clients something different and more specialised, Homoeopathy may be just what you’re looking for. Switch on Health is the only college in Australia accredited to deliver Homoeopathy. Fully Australian Traditional-Medicine Society accredited. Specialise in Homoeopathy, and give yourself a competitive edge in practice.


This course is designed to be completed over a three-year period based on approximately 9 hours of study per week. You can complete it more quickly than this if you want to. Homoeopathy is an extraordinarily powerful form of treatment and is used by millions around the world. Its use of ‘drop’ dosages removes the need to be swallowing pills and potions. Sometimes one single dose is all that is needed. Its remedies can help with phobias, insecurities, anxiety, depression, irrational thoughts, insomnia, lack of confidence, relationship and sexual issues, grief, and anger, to name a few! While Homoeopathy is successfully used for all sorts of physical symptoms, its greatest strength may lie in its ability to also assist in mental and emotional states, with profound results.

Year 1…

In your first subject, you will learn remedies you can begin to use at home with your family, as well as how Homoeopathy differs from other forms of treatment. This includes the theory behind Homoeopathy and the principles of using it. You will also learn ‘Homoeopathic First Aid’ and remedies you can use for ailments from teething to hangovers! Underpinning these are the other foundational subjects where you will learn about the body and how it works and the scientific knowledge you need as a Health professional.

Year 2…

Having learned how the body works, you will learn what happens when things go wrong. You will gain a thorough knowledge of diseases and develop the confidence to assess conditions your clients may be experiencing. You will acquire skills to undertake consultations, use basic and effective communication and counselling techniques, and interpret pathology results. You will learn more about case taking and prescribing as a Homoeopath and how this differs from the approach taken by Nutritionists/Herbalists/Naturopaths. You will learn skills in helping you select the right remedy for your patient, as well as acquiring the knowledge of a wide range of remedies, with a particular emphasis on acute conditions.

Year 3…

…builds on everything you have done so far to put it into practice. You will learn more advanced classical Homoeopathic techniques and be exposed to the pioneering developments in the evolving modern-day field of Homoeopathy. You will learn more about not just treating the physical or emotional symptoms a person may be experiencing but treating the very core of who they are as a person. In this final stage, you will not just be learning about how to help your clients using Homoeopathic medicines but also the skills and knowledge you need to succeed and make a living as a practitioner and businessperson and how to grow your business bigger than just you.

Your final year is when we recommend you undertake your clinic experience. The award of this qualification requires 200 hours in a clinic environment under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. This clinical experience will not only allow you to put into practice the skills and knowledge you have acquired during your study, but you will also continue to learn from your supervisor.


3 Year Advanced Diploma course price ranges from ​$15,995 to $19,962, depending on how you pay

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The Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathic Practice is not a nationally recognised qualification under the Australian Qualification Framework. It does not lead to issuance of AQF documentation such as a Statement of Attainment. It is however recognised by the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society who are the largest professional association representing natural therapies in Australia, and the only natural medicine practitioner association appointed to two Commonwealth statutory committees. 

It is also the only qualification in Australia to be accredited by the Australian Register of Homoeopaths, having met government-endorsed National Competency Standards for the education of homoeopaths in Australia.

Switch on Health is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). To read more about about how this improves the quality of our qualifications, and produces better outcomes for you as a student and practitioner, please click here.


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  • Date : August 24, 2021