Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Practice

Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Practice

Nutrition provides the foundation, but Herbal Medicine can take what you offer your clients to a whole new level, especially considering that many medicines prescribed by doctors have their origins in plants. Herbal Medicine gives you a powerful tool to help your clients with their conditions the natural way.


This course is designed to be completed over three years based on approximately 9 hours of study per week. You can complete it more quickly than this if you want to. Whereas anyone can study Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine is primarily suited to those wishing to embark on a medical herbalist or Naturopath career. It is also often chosen by Nutritionists who wish to expand their skills and grow their practice by being able to offer their clients more. Herbal Medicine provides you with a powerful tool to assist your clients, noting many of the medicines prescribed by doctors today have their origins in plants. Herbal Medicine offers a more natural, holistic, yet effective approach.

Stage 1…

Will provide you with foundational knowledge for the qualification. You begin with an introductory subject in herbal medicine, in which you will learn about its origins, East vs West, the different approaches taken by herbalists both today and in the past, as well as an early exposure to herbal remedies which you can begin using at home straight away. Other first-year herbal subjects will enable you to start building your comprehensive knowledge of the different herbs that are used and their value. This will include herbs you may already have heard of, such as the ginsengs, Valerian, St Mary’s Thistle, Dandelion, Chamomile, Ginkgo, and many more. Also covered in the first stage are the other foundational subjects in which you learn all about the body and how it works and the scientific knowledge you need to work as a health professional.

Stage 2…

Builds on the first. Having learned how the body works, you will now learn all about what happens when things go wrong. You will gain a thorough knowledge of diseases and the confidence to assess the conditions your clients may be experiencing. You will acquire the skills to undertake consultations, use basic and effective communication and counselling techniques with your clients, and the ability to interpret pathology results. You will continue to expand your knowledge of the different herbs that are used by practitioners, the chemistry of the herbs that enables them to have such a powerful effect on the body, and the steps from correct plant identification through to what may end up being taken as a tea or a tablet.

Stage 3…

Builds on everything you have done so far to put this into practice. You will be guided through the herbal treatment of a wide range of common conditions, including allergies, auto-immune conditions, digestive disorders such as IBS and Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions, headaches, and more. You will also learn about herbal treatment in more advanced topics such as fatigue, thyroid conditions, mental health and sleep disorders, and fertility. In this final stage, you will not just be learning about how to help your clients using herbal medicine. You will also learn the skills and knowledge you need to succeed and make a living as a practitioner and how to grow your business bigger than just you.

Your final year is when we recommend you undertake your clinic experience. The award of this qualification requires 200 hours in a clinic environment under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. This clinical experience will not only allow you to put into practice the skills and knowledge you have acquired during your study, but you will also continue to learn from your supervisor.


3 Year Course

The course price ranges from $15,995 to $19,962, depending on how you pay.

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  • Date : December 20, 2017