Chris Simpson

My passion to study Homeopathy began about thirty years ago when this Amazing modality resolved a family member’s health situation. Up until then, it was almost three years of challenging and inconclusive “medical appointments” both allopathic and Natural Therapies, within a few months there were major changes and then ultimately resolved. I knew in my heart – one day I want to study this also.

In the past six or seven years, I had researched, asked a myriad of Homeopaths, related organisations and Natural Therapists as to where I could learn this fascinating form of healing. Either they were more of “interest” level Course or not available anymore due to Government “decisions”  … Just as I was on the brink of enrolling in a Homeopathy Course in the UK …Answered Prayers .. a conversation with a well-known Homeopath who suggested I call Martin Stone, Switch on Health in Brisbane. Within a few moments of speaking with Martin, I felt a connection – such a fun and “open energy “ introduction to my Dream course.

Even though I learn best “in person”, I was so grateful for the opportunity to follow my passion. Martin was starting a Homeopathy Course, the only one in Australia offering an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine – self-paced with two years of theory and 200 hours of practical work, under supervision. Needless to say, the fact it was just under half of the cost of the UK Course was an additional blessing. There is a range of ways students can organise payment whether by “the year” of study or instalments, catering for everyone’s situation.

The Course has been insightful, at times very challenging with modules such as Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry and other “left brain” subjects. Of course, they form a basis of health, however, I have found them difficult, especially with the 100% pass mark. (Thank you God for 2 resubmission opportunities and 2 scoops of gelato as a self Reward!).

Whilst I have not physically met anyone from Switch on Health, the opportunity to email or call for clarification, or “phone a friend” has been offered many times. I really appreciate the personalised feeling about this College and the reference on the existing website about being part of the Switch on Health Family.  I recall in my writing to Sally Maizey who was marking one of my “Homeopathy” assessments about “feeling a little alone studying via the internet”. Sally kindly replied. “You are never alone in your Homeopathy family .. we are only an email or call away.” That meant so much to me.

I love feeling a part of this learning community and from what I sense, Martin and his team are very genuine, caring and have a sense of humour – an essential element when learning some of these subjects like Anatomy and Physiology!

Whatever Natural Therapies area you may wish to study, I encourage you to contact Martin, give him the opportunity to share what this College can offer for your chosen field.

Enrolling reminded me that Magic Happens!

Chris Simpson Gymea, Sydney

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