Fiona Hoskin

I have always been interested in nutrition and natural health and often thought of studying to become a nutritionist as the idea of using food and natural health modalities as healing tools has always appealed to me. The cost of going to university, the need to attend classes in person, on campus, and the time commitment always got in the way so my dream remained a dream for 40 years.

Once Covid 19 hit our shores and essentially grounded us all, I decided that it was finally time to look into studying and pivot into natural health as it had been calling me for years. I started looking online for options and came across Switch on Health who were offering affordable courses with recognisable qualifications. I filled in expressions of interest and spoke with several training organisations before deciding Switch on Health was a good fit with what I was after - affordable courses, a pay-as-you-go option, online lessons, a qualification at the end of the course and the ability to work through the modules at my own pace. Yay!
Since starting my course I have found that the lessons are informative, easy to follow, and the trainers are only too willing to share their knowledge and helpful tips when they mark the assessments. I love that the pass rate is 100% so that I have the opportunity to go back and revise and pick up anything I over-looked or missed in the first submission.
I feel super-excited to be getting closer to my goal of graduating as a Nutritionist and helping people improve or reclaim their health and well-being using natural tools. My only wish is that I had found Switch on Health sooner and made the decision to dive in sooner! If you are interested in natural health/nutrition, do yourself a favour and pick up the phone, ask the questions and follow your dreams sooner rather than later as I did!

Fiona Hoskin, Brisbane, QLD

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