As a mother of 4 at the time of commencing my studies, there were a few key factors that were important for me- firstly, I needed an institute that provided flexibility and secondly, I wanted an institute that provided a high level of quality education that was reasonably priced. I found Switch on Health and after a chat with Martin, I decided to enrol in a course and let me just say that I do not regret that decision at all!

The tutors are extremely friendly and understanding, taking the time out to explain things with patience and care. They are also very encouraging and I definitely feel as though they've taken the time to get to know each and every student personally- a luxury that being a smaller institute has allowed. I also feel that Switch on Health staff treat their students with compassion- I noticed that unlike other institutes I was still able to access my classes even when I had missed a payment. Martin was also very understanding of the situation and offered to find a way to resolve the issue- something I appreciate greatly. Moving forward, I was also able to ask Carol for an extension due to personal circumstances. Carol was very respectful and lovely regarding the situation.

The subjects are well thought through (some parts are mixed with great humour also) and the assignments are easy to understand. There is a plethora of information and resources that are offered as well as many other supports a student may need to reach their goals. All in all, I highly recommend Switch on Health and I am glad that I chose to study through them.
M.Y. in Narre, Victoria

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