Testimonial from S.H. of Bonnells Bay, NSW -

"I was seeking an online course in nutrition that interested me and was looking for a college that inspired trust and comfort in the educators and college itself. I spoke to several colleges before choosing Switch On Health and felt daunted when they said that they require a 100% pass mark. However, Martin was informative about the nature of the course, explained why a 100% pass mark was established; why embark on a course to only achieve average? I found Switch On Health extremely approachable and spoke about what my goals are after I finish, not just about what they could offer me. It is not that the other colleges were not good, I just felt trust and comfort, and still, after 2 years, feel trust and support.

Some parts of the course so far have been challenging, but always interesting, and due to Martin’s approach, I finally understand chemistry. The individual subjects, additional readings, and videos are fun, educational, practical, and instinctively stimulate me to research further. The references are clear, include online links that are relevant to what I am studying that inspire me to read more, and they provide great feedback on assessments to guide me when I [often] go off track. The team

I am still overwhelmed by studying [at 60]; however, the team is patient, enthusiastic, and genuine in their guidance, educationally, and emotionally. These personal qualities of the Switch On team continue to keep me on track with my studies and remind me that I made a great decision to study with them, despite my anxieties. It is encouraging to recognise that regardless of doubt or insecurities when we have genuine support, we can achieve more than we credit ourselves.

I look forward to finishing my studies so that I can put my knowledge into practice, though since I will continue to study."

S.H. of Bonnells Bay, NSW

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