Sharon Jamieson

"Switch on Health was the #1 best move I made..."

I first contacted Switch on Health just at the time when I had made my decision to stop studying with my local college because the on-campus timetable no longer fitted in with my current study needs. I was torn because I so wanted to continue my study in the fields of Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy, but without all the rigmarole and expense of a FULL Bachelor Degree in Health Science.

Martin responded to my enquiry first thing the following morning and was so accommodating with all my queries and questions. Having on offer the exact Advanced Diploma practitioner courses that I had been seeking out since 2016, and in the exact learning format which totally accommodates my daily lifestyle needs, with the added bonus of being able to study from home and at my own pace, rather than doing long and drawn-out 14 week subjects, is definitely a WIN in my books!

The enrolment process is a breeze, and applying for my RPL was such a simple process, through which I was thoroughly guided by Martin to ensure that all the T’s were crossed - another awesome, efficient, and stress-free experience.

The learning platform is user-friendly, the subject information is extensive, and the links provided are full of such valuable additional information, which all encompasses an enjoyable learning experience. Currently, I am in the process of completing the final assessment of my first subject with Switch on Health, and it must be said that the assessment is thorough, and right on par with the assessments of my previous local college.

Life has shown me time and time again, that there are no accidents in life and that everything has a purpose. At the end of the day, it’s your decision whether to enrol. But what I will say is, you may not experience the value of learning with such an amazing and supportive Natural Health College if you make the choice not to embrace the opportunities presented to you by Switch on Health today.

Wishing you all the very best of successes xx

Sharon Jamieson, Greenacres, SA

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