Sam Wolfe

Thank you Switch on Health on for making homeopathy accessible and affordable to people like me.

I’ve had a keen interest in homeopathy since my first visit to a homeopath when I was in my early 20s and working as an automotive spray painter (my trade qualification). It was like nothing I’d experienced before and I was totally in awe of this thing called homeopathy!!! It was homeopathy that played a huge part in my recovery from the Ross River virus, which was another reason why I knew I needed to study it. ?

I’ve looked into studying it a few times but the timing was never quite right, then once my 3 children had grown up and with our youngest (who I homeschooled from yr 5 as he was not the right fit for the school system) now working on our farm, it finally freed up some time for me to maybe look into studying homeopathy.

But unfortunately, it was no longer offered online and to study would mean relocating to Perth (about 5hrs away) and this wasn’t an option so I became a craniosacral therapist, which has been amazing but I still had a desire to study homeopathy. I found switch on health through a google search as I hadn’t quite given up on the dream (of being a homoeopath) and would periodically search to see if anything new was available. The reason that I finally chose to study with switch on health was its affordability and accessibility!!!! With the online platform, it meant I could study and still remain in my rural community without having to move away from family and friends, I’ve really enjoyed and at the same time been totally challenged (beyond what I thought I could achieve, I’ve definitely had the I can’t do it moments ?)

Switch on health have been so supportive, with phone calls to check-in and see how you’re going, and they have always been very responsive via phone or email any time I’ve had any questions or queries. I would thoroughly recommend Switch on Health to anybody who is interested in following a career in natural medicine. It is this journey that has allowed me to stay focused and find a way to keep going when I’ve had those I can’t do it moments. Thank you Switch on Health on for making homeopathy accessible and affordable to people like me.

Thankyou ??

o Sam Wolfe, Albany, WA

o Winner, ATMS 2020 Student of the Year

Monet Zebian

“Switch on Health seems to have the winning formula!”

First off, if you’re thinking about signing up and are reluctant to for any reason, know that the staff at Switch on Health are professional, prompt and genuinely supportive in making things happen for you. Having studied online before, I have been exposed to the pros and cons of this mode of studying and Switch on Health seem to have the winning formula! The work is not daunting; instead, they have managed to present it in a way that is appealing and gets you excited to study more.

 Aesthetics aside, I am undertaking the Advanced Diploma of Naturopathic Practice which, to my great delight, is recognized by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) – this was critical criteria for me when choosing where to study. Having association membership is a priority for me (and should be for you) so signing up after hearing this was really a no-brainer. The content is up to date with an abundance of useful links for further study, I’m even learning things from the monthly newsletters!

I am excited to continue exploring what Switch on Health has to offer with its course content, especially within Homeopathy which is currently exclusive to Switch on Health in Australia – for those of you who don’t know; Homeopathy and its philosophy is (I’d say) an essential tool for any Natural health student/practitioner. Switch On Health has provided me with an opportunity that was previously non-existent, the idea of online study is an underrated perk of modern society and those who can really take advantage of it, if not for a career – for the pursuit of knowledge.

Monet Zebian, Melbourne, VIC

Sharon Jamieson

“Switch on Health was the #1 best move I made…”

I first contacted Switch on Health just at the time when I had made my decision to stop studying with my local college because the on-campus timetable no longer fitted in with my current study needs. I was torn because I so wanted to continue my study in the fields of Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy, but without all the rigmarole and expense of a FULL Bachelor Degree in Health Science.

Martin responded to my enquiry first thing the following morning and was so accommodating with all my queries and questions. Having on offer the exact Advanced Diploma practitioner courses that I had been seeking out since 2016, and in the exact learning format which totally accommodates my daily lifestyle needs, with the added bonus of being able to study from home and at my own pace, rather than doing long and drawn-out 14 week subjects, is definitely a WIN in my books!

The enrolment process is a breeze, and applying for my RPL was such a simple process, through which I was thoroughly guided by Martin to ensure that all the T’s were crossed – another awesome, efficient, and stress-free experience.

The learning platform is user-friendly, the subject information is extensive, and the links provided are full of such valuable additional information, which all encompasses an enjoyable learning experience. Currently, I am in the process of completing the final assessment of my first subject with Switch on Health, and it must be said that the assessment is thorough, and right on par with the assessments of my previous local college.

Life has shown me time and time again, that there are no accidents in life and that everything has a purpose. At the end of the day, it’s your decision whether to enrol. But what I will say is, you may not experience the value of learning with such an amazing and supportive Natural Health College if you make the choice not to embrace the opportunities presented to you by Switch on Health today.

Wishing you all the very best of successes xx

Sharon Jamieson, Greenacres, SA


As a mother of 4 at the time of commencing my studies, there were a few key factors that were important for me- firstly, I needed an institute that provided flexibility and secondly, I wanted an institute that provided a high level of quality education that was reasonably priced. I found Switch on Health and after a chat with Martin, I decided to enrol in a course and let me just say that I do not regret that decision at all!

The tutors are extremely friendly and understanding, taking the time out to explain things with patience and care. They are also very encouraging and I definitely feel as though they’ve taken the time to get to know each and every student personally- a luxury that being a smaller institute has allowed. I also feel that Switch on Health staff treat their students with compassion- I noticed that unlike other institutes I was still able to access my classes even when I had missed a payment. Martin was also very understanding of the situation and offered to find a way to resolve the issue- something I appreciate greatly. Moving forward, I was also able to ask Carol for an extension due to personal circumstances. Carol was very respectful and lovely regarding the situation.

The subjects are well thought through (some parts are mixed with great humour also) and the assignments are easy to understand. There is a plethora of information and resources that are offered as well as many other supports a student may need to reach their goals. All in all, I highly recommend Switch on Health and I am glad that I chose to study through them.
M.Y. in Narre, Victoria

Chris Simpson

My passion to study Homeopathy began about thirty years ago when this Amazing modality resolved a family member’s health situation. Up until then, it was almost three years of challenging and inconclusive “medical appointments” both allopathic and Natural Therapies, within a few months there were major changes and then ultimately resolved. I knew in my heart – one day I want to study this also.

In the past six or seven years, I had researched, asked a myriad of Homeopaths, related organisations and Natural Therapists as to where I could learn this fascinating form of healing. Either they were more of “interest” level Course or not available anymore due to Government “decisions”  … Just as I was on the brink of enrolling in a Homeopathy Course in the UK …Answered Prayers .. a conversation with a well-known Homeopath who suggested I call Martin Stone, Switch on Health in Brisbane. Within a few moments of speaking with Martin, I felt a connection – such a fun and “open energy “ introduction to my Dream course.

Even though I learn best “in person”, I was so grateful for the opportunity to follow my passion. Martin was starting a Homeopathy Course, the only one in Australia offering an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine – self-paced with two years of theory and 200 hours of practical work, under supervision. Needless to say, the fact it was just under half of the cost of the UK Course was an additional blessing. There is a range of ways students can organise payment whether by “the year” of study or instalments, catering for everyone’s situation.

The Course has been insightful, at times very challenging with modules such as Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry and other “left brain” subjects. Of course, they form a basis of health, however, I have found them difficult, especially with the 100% pass mark. (Thank you God for 2 resubmission opportunities and 2 scoops of gelato as a self Reward!).

Whilst I have not physically met anyone from Switch on Health, the opportunity to email or call for clarification, or “phone a friend” has been offered many times. I really appreciate the personalised feeling about this College and the reference on the existing website about being part of the Switch on Health Family.  I recall in my writing to Sally Maizey who was marking one of my “Homeopathy” assessments about “feeling a little alone studying via the internet”. Sally kindly replied. “You are never alone in your Homeopathy family .. we are only an email or call away.” That meant so much to me.

I love feeling a part of this learning community and from what I sense, Martin and his team are very genuine, caring and have a sense of humour – an essential element when learning some of these subjects like Anatomy and Physiology!

Whatever Natural Therapies area you may wish to study, I encourage you to contact Martin, give him the opportunity to share what this College can offer for your chosen field.

Enrolling reminded me that Magic Happens!

Chris Simpson Gymea, Sydney


Testimonial from S.H. of Bonnells Bay, NSW –

“I was seeking an online course in nutrition that interested me and was looking for a college that inspired trust and comfort in the educators and college itself. I spoke to several colleges before choosing Switch On Health and felt daunted when they said that they require a 100% pass mark. However, Martin was informative about the nature of the course, explained why a 100% pass mark was established; why embark on a course to only achieve average? I found Switch On Health extremely approachable and spoke about what my goals are after I finish, not just about what they could offer me. It is not that the other colleges were not good, I just felt trust and comfort, and still, after 2 years, feel trust and support.

Some parts of the course so far have been challenging, but always interesting, and due to Martin’s approach, I finally understand chemistry. The individual subjects, additional readings, and videos are fun, educational, practical, and instinctively stimulate me to research further. The references are clear, include online links that are relevant to what I am studying that inspire me to read more, and they provide great feedback on assessments to guide me when I [often] go off track. The team

I am still overwhelmed by studying [at 60]; however, the team is patient, enthusiastic, and genuine in their guidance, educationally, and emotionally. These personal qualities of the Switch On team continue to keep me on track with my studies and remind me that I made a great decision to study with them, despite my anxieties. It is encouraging to recognise that regardless of doubt or insecurities when we have genuine support, we can achieve more than we credit ourselves.

I look forward to finishing my studies so that I can put my knowledge into practice, though since I will continue to study.”

S.H. of Bonnells Bay, NSW

Deb Samwell

I had been searching for a few months, to find a way that I could study Naturopathy, that would fit with the flexible lifestyle I wanted to have, and with our country located in South Australia. Having previously been at University and travelling for over 2 1/2 hours a day to attend classes, I knew that flexible online study was going to be the only way that I could fit study around my role as a mother to my four sons, and also not have the many hours of travel time.  At Switch On Health I can study in my own time, at my own pace, around my other commitments, and I have no travel time to factor into my studies. This flexible learning style suits me, and my family. I have even taken my studies on the road,  travelling Australia for 8 months.

I have found the subjects to be interesting and very comprehensive, and the support that is offered has been far above the standard I have experienced at other Colleges and Universities.  I was concerned at the beginning that I may not be able to find that internal motivation to stay on track, but the subjects and material are so relevant and interesting that I find myself wanting to move through each new subject.  Switch On Health has given me an opportunity to pursue my career and interests, without having to give up my lifestyle and other commitments. I am very thankful that I stumbled across Switch On Health when I did.’
Deb Samwell, Strathalbyn, SA

Fiona Hoskin

I have always been interested in nutrition and natural health and often thought of studying to become a nutritionist as the idea of using food and natural health modalities as healing tools has always appealed to me. The cost of going to university, the need to attend classes in person, on campus, and the time commitment always got in the way so my dream remained a dream for 40 years.

Once Covid 19 hit our shores and essentially grounded us all, I decided that it was finally time to look into studying and pivot into natural health as it had been calling me for years. I started looking online for options and came across Switch on Health who were offering affordable courses with recognisable qualifications. I filled in expressions of interest and spoke with several training organisations before deciding Switch on Health was a good fit with what I was after – affordable courses, a pay-as-you-go option, online lessons, a qualification at the end of the course and the ability to work through the modules at my own pace. Yay!
Since starting my course I have found that the lessons are informative, easy to follow, and the trainers are only too willing to share their knowledge and helpful tips when they mark the assessments. I love that the pass rate is 100% so that I have the opportunity to go back and revise and pick up anything I over-looked or missed in the first submission.
I feel super-excited to be getting closer to my goal of graduating as a Nutritionist and helping people improve or reclaim their health and well-being using natural tools. My only wish is that I had found Switch on Health sooner and made the decision to dive in sooner! If you are interested in natural health/nutrition, do yourself a favour and pick up the phone, ask the questions and follow your dreams sooner rather than later as I did!

Fiona Hoskin, Brisbane, QLD